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What a Wonderfful World - Turn on your Speakers

A Virtual Tour of the World - Amazing


Jack Layton's Final Letter

And I mean it!l

"Nulla e piu caro a Dio e egli uomini che la mansuetudine e l'umilta."
"Nothing is more pleasing to God and men than kindness and humility."
St. Anthony of Padova

"If you see an injustice, you are no longer a spectator, you are a participant.
And you have an obligation to do something."

June Collwood 1924 - 2007

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Office: Frost 221

What happened in your Birthyear?

My students - What it's all about! Click on photo to see them in action.
(Turn on speakers).

I will be there when nobody else is, to care, kiss away tears
bring smiles on rainy days.
And always - to be a very best friend.
Because everybody needs somebody...
That's me.

Je serai là quand il n'y a personne d'autre.
Je prendrai soin de toi, j'embrasserai tes larmes
et je te ferai sourire les jours de pluie.
Je serai toujours ton meilleur ami.

Après tout, tout le monde a besoin d'un autre.
L'autre, c'est moi!


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"Maxima debetur puero reverentia"
The greatest respect is owed to a child.
[email protected]


St. Francis of Assisi - Lover of Nature

Annual Spaghetti Luncheon for Student Foodbank


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Mior's House in Bobcaygeon
Our home in Bobcaygeon. Over 90 trees and bushes have been planted since we have moved in.
No chemicals or pesticides are used on the property.

QuickTime House and Pond


My Heritage
"Nulla e piu caro a Dio e egli uomini che la mansuetudine e l'umilta." St. Anthony of Padova
(Background Information)


Typical House

San Vito al Tagliamento (Updated 7/8/07)


Never too young to learn!


The Weather Report for Frost Campus

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