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This course will assist post-secondary students to locate and win positions they want in the workplace. The use and development of a professional portfolio will be emphasized. Through career analysis self-assessment, goal setting and portfolio development participants will improve their ability to link their skills and knowledge to appropriate career positions. The basics of job searching will be enhanced with sessions on electronic resume posting, web site searches, and online job links. Participants will complete this course with the foundation of a professional portfolio and knowledge to find the work they want.

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"Nulla e piu caro a Dio e egli uomini che la mansuetudine e l'umilta."
"Nothing is more pleasing to God and men than kindness and humility."
St. Anthony of Padova

"If you see an injustice, you are no longer a spectator, you are a participant.
And you have an obligation to do something."

June Collwood 1924 - 2007

OAS Learning Sequence
Marks Schedule
MBTI Lecture Notes
Employability Skills Handout
ISP Brochure
Career Services @ Fleming
Transferable Skills
Transfeable Skills Assignment
Letter Lecture
Sample Cover Letter
Sample Poorly Writtern Cover
Job Site Adds
Job Search Assignment
Wildlife Preservation Canada
GoodWork Canada
Environmental Jobs in Canada
Tips for Success - Resumes
Cover Letter Components
Chronological Resume Sample
Functional Resume Sample
Combination Resume
Draft Resume Before
Draft Resume After
Supporting Documentation
Documentation Example
Sample Recommendation Letter
Informational Interview (PPT)
Informational Interview Assignment
Info Interview Submission Guide
Infor Interview Video -1
Info Interview Video -2
Summer Employment Opportunities
Internships & Co-ops
Building Portfolio Lecture (PDF)
Portfolio Assignment (DOC)
Porfolio Template (DOCX)
Interview Preparation
Interviewers' Pet Peeves
50 Common Interview Questions
Interview Prep Assignment
First Impressions
Letter of Application
Letter Block Formatting

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Assignment Due Dates


Informational Interview - March 29, 2013

Portfolio Development: April 8, 2013

Job Interview Prepartion - April 15, 2013






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