Adult and Continuing Education

The purpose of this site is to help you explore issues in adult and continuing education including access, quality, cost, providers and the use of technology. Of particular interest are the needs of a diverse population of adult learners, especially with respect to part time study; factors related to the successful completion of CE programs; the roles of colleges, universities, professional organizations and the work place in the provision of credit and non-credit CE; the impact of educational technologies and the accessibility and quality of CE.

In particular, this site was developed to help support a course called "Continuing Education - Special Topics Course: TPS 1820H" delivered by Professor Angela Hildyard, Associate professor, Theory and Policy Studies OISE/UT and Vice-President, Human Resources and Equity. Professor Hildyard was my Thesis Supervisor. Without her dedication and clear understanding of how I worked, I would have never been able to complete my Doctorate. For this Angela, I am eternally grateful!

To view the course outline click here.

30 Things We Know About Adult Learning
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ABC Canada Research Papers
Action Learning for Life Long Professional Development - Glossary
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Adult Basic Education: Strategies for Supporting Learning
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Adult Learning Characteristics
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Andragogy and Technology: Integrating Adult Learning Theory As We Teach With Technology
Australian Journal of Adult Learning
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Captured Wisdom on Adult Literacy
Career Resource Center
Centre AlphaPlus Centre
Changing Landscape of Adult Learning (Merriam)
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Conference Board of Canada - Research Publications
Creating Learning Cultures
Digital Equity Toolkit
Directory of Canadian Adult Literacy Research in English

Distance Learning Agenda: University Organization and the Changing Nature of Work In Post-Secondary Institutions

Eduard Lindeman on Adult Education
E-Learning e-volution in colleges and universities

ERIC Clearinghouse on Adult, Career, and Vocational Education  (ERIC/ACVE)

Ethical Considerations in Internet-Based Adult Education
Expanding Access to Adult Literacy on Online Distance Education
Facilitating Group Learning on the Internet
Financial Strategies and Resources to Support Online Learning

Foundation of Adult Education in Canada

How Adults Learn
Improving Own Learning and Performance
Index of Learning Styles
Infed - Andragogy
Informal Education
International Journal of Lifelong Education
Internet Resources to Research in Adult Education
Knowles - Apostle of Andragogy
Knowles Informal Adult Education
Leaders in the Field of Adult Education: Eduard C. Lindeman
Learning for Life: Canadian Readings in Adult Education
Learning in and for Participation in Work and Society
Learning Styles and Multiple Intelligences
Learning Styles Interactive Diagnostic Screening Handbook
Lifelong Learning: A Dream (Knowles)
Literacy and Education Links
Literacy Assistance Center
Literacy at Work Newsletter
Literacy Connections
Merriam, S.B. - Bibliography
Model and Strategies Towards a Canadian Online Education Infrastructure
Multimedia Learning Group
National Adult Literacy Database
National Adult Literacy Database Educational Resources
National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy
National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy Research Projects
National Center on Adult Literacy
National Institute of Adult Continuing Education - England and Wales
Nebraska Institute for the Study of Adult Literacy
New Directions for Adult and Continuing Education
New Horizons for Learning
New Horizons in Adult Education: An Electronic Journal
Older and Bolder
Online Education: A Study of Emerging Pedagogy
Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
Patterns in Adult Learning
Principles of Adult Learning (1)
Principles of Adult Learning (2)
Quotes on Adult Education
Removing Barriers to Online and Collaborative Post secondary Education
Support 4 Learning
Teaching and Learning in the Next Century
Teaching and Learning Internet Skills
Teaching and Learning Strategies
Theory Into Practice Database
Understanding Learning: Articles and Resources
What is Andragogy?
What is Andragogy?
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Workplace Literacy Best Practices Readers
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Encyclopedia of Canadian Adult Education


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