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Career & Workplace
soEssentials (W2015)

General Arts and Sciences
& Natural Resources Studies Option

Employers want graduates to understand the organizational context in which they will function. As well, they want graduates to have a clear understanding and a solid skill base in the essential or transferable employment skills. This course provides you with the opportunity to explore and gain a fundamental understanding of the world of work and how Canadian business functions in relation to the careers in the program field. The students will develop a basic understanding of business and organizational processes and how these processes relate to each other to support a successful organization. The course will enable the students to understand and develop their strengths, set personal and professional goals and strategies in relation to the workplace goals and strategies for achieving individual and career success.

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"Nulla e piu caro a Dio e egli uomini che la mansuetudine e l'umilta."
"Nothing is more pleasing to God and men than kindness and humility."
St. Anthony of Padova

"If you see an injustice, you are no longer a spectator, you are a participant.
And you have an obligation to do something."

June Collwood 1924 - 2007

Course Outline
Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire
MBTI Introduction (PPT)
MBTI Introduction (Word)
MBTI Introduction (MP#)
MB Foundation Personality and Careers (PDF)
MBTI Assignment (PDF)
Skills Assessment Assignment (Word)
Doing Business in Canada 2013
OFAH Case Study
Topics for Test
Introduction to Business
Mentorship (PPT)
Conducting Business Ethically
Elevator Speech or PAWS
Ideas for Change - Social Business (Video)
Career Research Assignment
Information Interview
Professional Development Plan

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