The Creative Journey through

Photography and Film

There is an incredbile amount of information available on the Web about Photography and Film. Let your mind go and explore. The links below are some of the ones that I think you may find interesting, useful and stimulating. They are not listed in any particular order. This is by no means an exhaustive ist of what is available.

"If I could tell the story in words, I would not have to lug around a camera."
Louis Hiene

A Beautiful Mind
Adobe Photoshop Digital Imaging Room
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
BetterPhoto Online Photography Guide
Camera Hobby
Camera Hobby Photography E-Book
Camera Manuals
Canon Digital Learning Centre
Digital Photography Challenge
Double Exposure
Explorers of Light
Explorers of Light Gallery
Good Will Hunting (DVD Review)
Good Will Hunting (Jeffrey Overstreet)
Good Will Hunting (Los Angeles Times)
Good Will Hunting (Lots of Goodies)
Good Will Hunting (Roger Ebert)
Good Will Hunting (Salon Entertainment)
Good Willing Hunting (52 Reviews)
GretagMcBeth Digital Imaging Room
i am sam
Interactive Photography Workshop
Join for free goodies
Kodak Birdcam 2004
Kodak Birdcam Falcon Information
Kodak Downloadable Birdcam Curriculum
Kodak Downloadable Software
Kodak Pro Photography Lab
Movie Review Query Engine
My Life After The Passion of The Christ
Natioanl Geographic Photo of the Day
National Geographic
National Geographic Adventures and Explorations
National Geographic Animals and Nature
National Geographic EarthPulse
National Geographic History and Culture
National Geographic Landscape Gallery
National Geographic Nature Gallery
National Geographic Photography
National Geographic Underwater Gallery
National Geographic WildWorld
National Geographic Workshops and Expeditions
Nikon Learning Centre
Nikon Spirit Initiative
Nikon Home Page
Petteri's Photo Lessons
Photography Educational Resources
Reel Classics
Silverlight Photographic Tutorials
The Passion of The Christ
Tips for Great Pictures from Kodak
Upstream Fly Fishing Gallery
Worldwide Panoramas
Yahoo Canada Movie Database
Extreme Instability (Some Great Photographs)


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