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This course will examine the rise and fall of eight imperial cultures of the ancient world. Students will examine the political, economic, social, technological and ecological dimensions of each civilization. Ancient empires for study will include Egypt, Greece, Rome, India, China, Maya, Inca and Aztec. In each case, consideration will be given to a culture's history, typical cities and technologies, and support social structures, including achievements in the arts and sciences.

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"Nothing is more pleasing to God and men than kindness and humility."
St. Anthony of Padova

"If you see an injustice, you are no longer a spectator, you are a participant.
And you have an obligation to do something."

June Collwood 1924 - 2007

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Term Paper

Test 1- Feb. 12th.
PPT Summary
Introduction (PPT)
Intoroduction (Word)
Introduction (MP3)
World Time Line
History of Humanity (MPEG4)
Egypt Land & History (PPT)
Egypt Land & History (WORD)
Egypt Land & History (MP3)
Egyptian TimeLine Video
Egypt Culture (PPT)
Egypt Culture (Word)
Egypt Culture (MP3)
Great Pyramids (Video)
Pyramid Secrets (Video)
Greece Land & History (PPT)
Greece Land & History (Word)
Greece Land & History (MP3)
Greek Culture (PPT)
Greek Culture (Word)
Greek Culture (MP3)
Rome (PPT)
Rome (Word)
Rome (MP3)
China An Overview (PPT)
China Overview (Word)
China Overview (MP3)
Ancient China British Museum
China Cuture (PPT)
China Culture (Word)
China Culture (MP3)
Web Resources
Great Wall Video
First Emperor Video
Cricket History Video
Cricket Fight Video
Dragon History
Ancient China Index
Ancient Chinese Text
Chinese Cultural Studies
History of China
Periods of Chinese History
Civilization (PPT)
Pictorial History
Lost Kingdom (Film)
Land and History (PPT)
Land - History (WORD)
Secrets of the Ancestors
Questions for Secrets
Amazing Aztecs (PPT)
Jeopardy Review
Aztec/Inca Comparison
Ingenuity - Chinampas
What Happened?
You Tube Aztecs
When Cortez Came
Human Sacrifice
Temple of Blood
Chinampa - The Movie

Films on Demand

Great Empires of the Past
Cairo Museum
Nile River -Shared or M?
Egypt:One First Great Civilization
The Greeks: Crucible Civilization Part 1
The Maya: Death Empire—Engineering an Empire
The Aztec Empire




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Mayan Civilization

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